Rollerball - Episode 15

In this episode, we watch one of our most divisive episodes yet - the 2002 horro show that is Rollerball. A remake of a 1975 gritty James Caan classic, the new Rollerball is stupid, poorly done, and a Rob favorite. Appealing to Rob's love of bad schlock, we also see Dustin (in possibly his most annoying turn yet) always willing to be leinent, and Aaron in his usual utter disgust.

Rollerball was a flop, and sent its direct John McTiernan to jail. This is the same guy that directed Predator and Die Hard. Then he did this garbage with Chris Klein. Yecccccck.

For a better movie with Rebecca Romin, try Femme Fatale.

For a movie that Chris Klein doesn't abort, try Election with Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon.

Yeck. Yeck. Yeck.

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