Red Sonya - Episode 17

It's been a long long time. Way too long. Deepest apologies to everyone that enjoys what we do here. It's been a very trying, busy, and difficult few months for everyone involved. From good things like going on vacations and new vehicels to bad things like tons of money and frustration and people with no driving license ruining our vehicles precepiating us needing new vehicles -- anyways.

We have our 2nd guest on this episode, Jay Zippo, all around good dude, Fallout 4 modder, Let's Play extraordinaire and someone who actually listens to our show. And James brings us the utter should've been smothered after birth of a movie Red Sonya with Bridgette Neilsen in her screen debut, a horrible end to Arnold's Barbarian film line, and a needlessly murdered Icthyin Kiling Machine.

It plays like an awful reskin of Indiana Jones and has no redeeming qualites... except of course for Dustin. As always thanks for listening, please like, share, subscribe, and comment through Facebook, iTunes, Twitter, and more.

Get in touch with Jay Zippo - @Beruud / YouTube

for the clips of Worf that Jay mentions where Picard just shuts him down over and over - Mr. Worf

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