Hi All,

Dustin here. Apologies for lack of content updates, but it has been a busy year not allowing the Upchuck team to be united often. We will get everyone caught up with Season 2 and the Annual Chuckies soon and back on track with Season 3 shortly as well.

Anyway in the meantime, myself (and my lovely fiancée, Christy) teamed up with our friends from the Our Kind of Bad Podcast, Dom and Sara to bring you the 1998 Kaiju/Schlockbuster Kraa! The Sea Monster. I admit to owning this disaster and call back to Aaron's hatred of that fact. Young Alison Lohman in a Star Trek ripoff uniform. Italian accented clam/turtle/alien. Heavily reverbed Skeletor-like villain....What could go wrong? Listen as we try to decipher a nonsensical plot and even develop some of our own fan theories.

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