On this episode we explore The House on Haunted Hill - the remake from 1999. This is definitely the worst Upchucked film to date. Starring Geoffrey Rush, Famke Jansen, and Taye Diggs amongst others, we are invited into a pre-teen Halloween party where people end up dead. The movie continues our already longstanding tradition with Castle productions. Surprisingly, Dustin doesn't rate this one a 2 on our Vomitous Scale. Against an estimated budget of just under 20 million. the movie took in over 40 at the box office, clearly showing Chris Kattan's showstopping ability. Pregnant doors, loganberry, and squirt guns abound. It's SPOOOOOKYYYY!

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This movie is a classic example of something that had some really great kernels of thought strewn throughout but goes absolutely nowhere with them. The first 15 minutes are actually very interesting and very cheesy and very entertaining. Geoffrey Rush is definitely bringing his chops to this 1st act and it shows. After that, it's just a pre-teen Halloween party gone wrong.

Look for some very Resident Evil esque shots in the bowels of the mansion/asylum that are spot on, and look for the shot through the DV camera that takes a glimpse into what really happened here years ago...and then watch how nothing happens with that very interesting piece.

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