In an off the cuff that becomes more like a full on episode (and to cover up the fact that Aaron has been slacking on the standard episodes),Aaron and Rob tackle Battle Royale, the 2000 Japanese classic that still turns head with its controversy. In a dystopian Japan, lawlessness by the youth is so out of control that the Battle Royale initiative is put into effect - a classroom of kids are dumped on an island... and kill each other.

With excellent acting including the legend Takeshi "Beat" Kitano, the extended director's cut adds 8 minutes to the story, and these are truly excellent choices. If you've seen the film, watch this new cut. If not, watch any which way you can.

Based on the novel, it also spawned a sequel and a manga series.

Rob also sounds off on Quentin Tarantino, and heads will roll, both in the film and in opinion.

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