This is a list of every episode we have done in chronological order for your perusing pleasure.  

*Denotes a definitive low point, something that makes others almost digestible. **Denotes current holder of worst viewed film of UCT.

Our first episode -
Ghost Ship - Starring Gabriel Byrne and Juliana Margulies - an amazing intro scene... and then apparently a vastly different script to what was supposed to be shot. 

2. - Broken Arrow - It was John Travolta's choice as an actor to play Deacon over the top...

3. - The Astronaut's Wife - Utter garbage beautifully shot. We especially love how Depp and Theron had the same haircut.

4. - Thir13en Ghosts - At this rate Dark Castle entertainment will make or break this podcast with their nonsense.

5. - House on Haunted Hill - Cake Taker so far in our podcast's young life. Beyond nonsense. Beyond utter garbage. Made Rob want to re-watch The Astronaut's Wife... Yeccck. *

6. - Alone in the Dark (2005) (viewed 10/23/16) - Christian Slater becomes our first repeat guest here on Upchuck Theater. The mantle of Cake Taker has shifted to this. If House was utter garbage, this is the landfill. Uninterested performances, awful CGI, abhorrent script... this is what Upchuck was made for! **

7 - Eye for an Eye (1996) (viewed 11/6/16) - Kiefer Sutherland and Sally Field star in a Lifetime movie that has a bunch of F bombs in it. Taking his Lost Boys haircut and slicking it back while wearing thermal shirt in L.A., he murders a girl and Sally Field is mad and then the Library Investigator from the old Seinfeld episode is like the butler for a revenge murder garage and a vigilante group of parents of murdered children (that's in the credits).

8- Bus Driver (2016) (viewed 11/13/16) - Our first surprise of the season. We saw a trailer for this when determining our last viewing and thought Oh no... new candidate for nonsense of the year. Wait till you hear our reactions.

9- Ghosts of Mars (2001) (viewed 11/22/16) - Oh John Carpenter... no. Just no. Assault on Precinct 13 meets The Thing meets Escape from...Mars meets Highlander meets Doom. Utter drivel. Laughable script, laughable acting. Props to Big Daddy Mars though... candidate for worst viewed yet, but Alone in the Dark still holds (2 votes - Aaron and Rob).

10- Reindeer Games (2000) (viewed 11/27/2016) - The movie that killed John Frankenheimer, he of much, much better movies like Ronin and The Manchurian Candidate. An abysmal, thoughtless script with boring and uninteresting performances. Kudos to Theron for not having a haircut that matches her co-star though (she actually puts in a very credible performance in this one as the lone highlight). Our first guest as well, Aaron's lifelong friend Eric G.

11- Season One Recap - 12/9/2016 - We recap the 1st season of Upchuck what we did right, what we did wrong, and we have an impromptu 1st ever Upchuckies Awards. Until Season Two!

Season 2

1- 1/8/17
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