On their way back from Cleveland, Aaron and Dustin riff in the car on The Neon Demon and Lights Out in the first Vomit off the Cuff mobile edition.

This episode is different in the sense that only 2 of us were in the car, and we weren't regurgitating immediately after viewing. Dustin and Aaron had watched Neon Demon the night before, and Lights Out shortly before getting back on the road.

The episode is also not in the traditions UCT is being known for as it's a little more thoughtful critique as opposed to out and out disgust. Aaron's long standing tradition of being a Nicholas Refn fan is on display as well.

The Neon Demon, much like Only God Forgives was divisive with viewers, some loving it, some hating it roundly. Refn isn't interested in pleasing everyone that's very evident and respectable, but at what cost when a story is paper thin?


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